Staffing, Modernized.

Cadency is a better way to hire using AI.


Quality Candidates

Find qualified candidates using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine


Hire Quickly

Our automated platform lets employers find & hire contractors in just a few days


Reduce Costs

Reduce staffing cost by 50 - 70% with our efficient platform with very low overhead

Applicant evaluation using AI.

Whether there are 50 or 500 applicants for a job, our AI engine evaluates each one based on a wide range of criteria, and matches the job with best available candidates.

We use a combination of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze job details and applications, employing machine learning to continually improve the quality of our results.


Complete solution,
One application.

Job posting, reviewing and tracking candidates, interviewing, and on-boarding in one application. Most employers typically use multiple applications, spreadsheets, emails, faxes and manual processes.  More applications cause more friction, employers have to worry about data integration and synchronization among these applications. With one application, you have all the data (job, status, candidates, offers, contract etc.) available in one place.


Only a few hours per hire.

Once a job is posted, employers only spend time interviewing a few targeted candidates, and Cadency takes cares of the remaining staffing process. No need to call or email candidates, chase after recruiters for status. With our platform, employers hire workers with a few clicks from posting a job to hire.

Legacy Staffing
On average, it takes a few weeks to months to hire a worker.
Up to half of staffing costs goes towards overhead.
Complex and Low Tech
Involves mutiple applications and vendors combined with manual tasks, emails, phone calls, faxes and spreadsheets.
Low Quality
Most candidates aren't vetted properly to ensure they are qualified for the job.
Outdated Approach
Hire better workers in a few days.
Cost Effective
Reduces staffing cost by 50-70%.
Simple and Cloud-based
Completes the entire staffing process in a few clicks, from posting a job to on-boarding a new worker.
Qualified Candidates Only
Every candidate has to pass multiple screenings, ensuring the employer only interviews the best applicants.
New Approach



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