Less time, more hires.

Cadency lets you focus on what you do best.


Cadency simplifies your staffing process, so employers hire contract workers in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:  Post a job
Step 2:  Interview shortlisted candidates
Step 3:  Welcome the new hire

Here is how Cadency handles the entire staffing process:


Leveraging artificial intelligence and automation, supported by industry experience, our platform targets potential candidates on job sites, social networks, search engines, and elsewhere with a message optimized to attract the best people for the job.

Less time posting jobs, better candidates in the pipeline.


Our AI engine evaluates and scores every candidate that applies, selecting only the best for advanced screenings, factoring job requirements and responsibilities, candidate resume and skills.  What used to take weeks of waiting and hours of your time is now completed automatically in as little as two days.

Hours of filtering and sorting candidates now done automatically.


Employers interview top candidates recommended by our AI engine. We'll help coordinate interviews, structure the interviews if needed, and use your feedback to identify the best worker for you.

Less time spent interviewing and better interviews.


Offer & Contract

Once you've completed interviews, Cadency takes care of rest of the process.  Our automated process streamlines the offer process, gets the contract signed. Our platform also stores all the signed documents, that are easily accessible by employers & workers.

Less work, fewer surprises.


On-board & Manage

Our platform performs comprehensive background checks, reference checks & immigration checks for contractors. By integrating into common HR systems, Cadency can get your hires to work faster.

For contract worker, our platform tracks time, bills employers and makes payment.

Getting your hires to work quickly.