Hire & Manage your

IT Contract Workers

using AN AI-Powered Marketplace


A complete solution for contractor workforce management.


1. Create a job posting in minutes with our ready made templates.

2. Our AI engine sources, matches, ranks, and shortlists candidates for you.

3. Conduct phone screen, setup interviews and negotiate rates with ease.

4. When an offer is extended, pre-employment checks are all done for you.

5. On our platform, signing the contract and on-boarding are as simple as one click.

6. Once hired, our platform manages time-tracking, payment, billing, review workers and contract renewal.

Why Cadency?

For Employers:

  1. Find high quality consultants.  Our  AI engine evaluates all applicants based on several criteria and matches the job with the best 
  2. Hire consultants in days.  Our platform automates most of the hiring process, so employers can hire the best available consultants in a few days. 
  3. Reduce staffing cost by over 50%.  By eliminating the middlemen, manual processes, and other overheads, we are able to reduce your staffing cost drastically.
  4. Spend a few hours per hire.  Once a job is created, our platform is designed to do most of work by itself. Hiring managers conduct the final interviews, and Cadency takes cares of the rest.

For Consultants:

  1. You get higher pay.  By automating the hiring process & removing complexity, we are able to pay consultants way more than they would get working though a traditional staffing agency.
  2. We respond to each applicants. How often does someone respond to you with feedback after you apply for a job?  Not very often?  We are going to fix that.  Our AI engine reviews every single job application, and responds to everyone, even if they aren’t selected.
  3. It's a better experience.  We keep consultants up-to-date on their job applications, interviews, offers. Every detail is available at your fingertips.
  4. We promote entrepreneurship.  Cadency is built to promote entrepreneurship, where consultants can run their own business, find work and make  money. Join us in building a community where entrepreneurs can help, advise & mentor each other.

About Cadency

HIRE A worker anywhere from few hours to a few days.

Our team have prior experience in running staffing companies, and are using our experience from leading technology companies such as Oracle, Mulesoft, GSN, Taleo, Vitria, Jaspersoft, RingCentral & AppAnnie.

We are based in Oakland, and all our team members are located in San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact us anytime at hello@cadency.co with questions or feedback.


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